Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rhodos...we've got rhodos...

May is certainly being the month of rhododendrons around Nova Scotia, and we at Baldwin Nurseries are no exception. Our nursery yard has rhododendrons and azaleas popping out with colour everywhere you look.
Rhodos come in every conceivable size and in a rainbow of colours, from pale yellow like this 'Capistrano' to the deep purple of 'Purple Passion', to the soft colours of special plants like 'Mist Maiden' to the jewel tones of the deciduous azaleas.

As you can imagine, the hummingbirds are attracted to the strong red of this beauty.

Digital cameras don't do the best justice to some of the rich colours of plants like 'Purple Passion', but we hope they whet your appetite to come and see them for yourselves.
Drop in any day of the week to Baldwin's...we're open seven days a week 9 am-5 pm, and our enthusiastic and helpful staff are here to help you find the perfect shrub, tree or perennial for your garden. We have a few other surprises to tell you about, so please keep checking back!